11 August 2015
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Berlin-Weißensee, Lager von Sinti und Roma

To understand how the music style of “Jazz Manouche” or GypsyJazz” (also know under the name “European Jazz” ) came alive, one must learn a bit about the history of the Sinti and Roma.

According to the oldest records the Sinti are descended from the Indians. They lived and worked in India from possibly in the 5th century, already at that time known as famous musicians.

The writings say that they often used to play at the courts of the maharajas at that time, until they fell from grace for some unknown reason and , therefore were expelled from the country.

“Sinti and Roma already lived in Europe for many centuries. In some countries they are old-established and historically grown minorities. They have been long integrated citizens working and living next door, even some of them where fighting as soldiers for the german army in the 1 and beginning of 2 worldwar. In the “Third Reich”, the period of the Nazis, between 1933 and 1945 they were expelled from army and brought into the Concentration-camps, same as the jews. Over 700.000 Sintis have been killed in these camps.”

In Germany the Gypsies are called “Sinti”, in East and Southeast Europe – where their number is by far much bigger – they’re known as “Roma”. In France one speaks of “Manouches” or “Bohemians”, in Spain again they are named “Gitanos”.


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